Health Is Earned!

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Invert Health specializes in integrative precision medicine with the goal of promoting health and preventing disease.


Promote Health, Prevent Disease, Optimize Function

The goal of our clinic is to extend our patient’s healthspans - the duration of life that they are free of chronic disease and the disabilities of aging.

We practice health-forward medicine that looks for the earliest warning signs and symptoms of the disease.  We diligently seek the root cause of symptoms and treat them at the foundation of illness.

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Men’s Hormone Optimization and Performance

Feel better. Look better. Live better.

Our Men’s Health platform caters to male performance, hormone health, and sexual function.  We offer comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment based on individual medical needs.  This is more than just a clinic - we are a brotherhood.  Our mission is to optimize a man’s ability to serve.

If you’re not performing at your peak and are interested in learning more, click the link below.

Men’s Health & Performance


Sweat for the health of it!

The benefits of sauna use are staggering. Hyperthermia (use of heat as therapy) reduces cardiovascular disease risk, enhances detoxification, reduces inflammation,  improves recovery, HRV, immune function, and sleep- these are just some of the benefits.

Relax, detox, and unwind in our private full-spectrum infrared sauna and reap the benefits of sweat!

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