Precision Medicine

The Process

Simply sign up & schedule your initial consult, then create your patient portal and finally complete the assigned questionnaires


Initial Consult

Each client will have a scheduled Initial Consultation with our owner, Adam. We take inventory of your life in order to get to know you.

NO STRINGS ATTACHED. If we’re not for you, we’ll refund your money.

Start now

60-minute Appointment

Our goal is truly get to know you and understand the nuances that impact your health journey.


Complete Testing

Blood Work

At Invert, our testing is extensive and our standards are exceptional. A personal deep-dive into your body’s physiology.


Genetic Testing

Genomics is the understanding of how our environmental inputs (lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, recovery, sleep, stress, mindfulness, etc) impact the expression and function of our genes.

DNA analysis is a tool that allows us to understand your individual health risk factors, and tailor intervention precisely to YOU.


Care Options


Medical Consultation AND Health Coaching


Paid in-full


Paid monthly

Monthly visits with your Healthcare Team

Unlimited messaging with your Care Team

Complimentary In-Body Scans for Body Composition (local)



If you’re not interested in a membership plan that includes monthly contact and Health Coaching, we’re happy to see you on an as-needed basis.

Standard Billing Rate


Billed in 15-min increments

All Services Include

•  Discounts on Labs Orders and Supplements

•  Thorough Medical History and Lifestyle Assessment

•  Personalized, concierge service

•  Care Support for prescriptions, testing, referrals, and more

•  Medical visits and repeat labs to track progress

We are flexible. We pride ourselves on personalized care. Prefer a different structure? Let’s Talk!


Additional Testing

*Cost of each test is variable and in-addition to base fees.

•  Microbiome and SIBO Testing

•  DNA Methylation and Biologic Aging

•  DXA/DEXA for Bone Mineral Density

•  Body Composition Analysis

•  VO2 Max Analysis

•  Coronary Artery Calcium Test or Coronary CT

•  Coronary Computed Tomography  Angiography (CCTA)

•  Hormone Metabolism / DUTCH Testing

•  Heavy Metals Testing

•  Mold / Lyme Analysis

•  And More…

Disclaimer: Generally, we do not order these tests until we have consulted with you and have an indication that this would be a good use of medical and financial resources.

Lifestyle Change Can Be HARD.

Pairing Medical Consults + Health Coaching improves results.


Invert your health